U.S Elections and Your Forex Trading Plan.

Hello all I am sure what is on your mind this week is obviously the U.S. presidential election and how to possibly take advantage of the increased volatility in your forex trading.

A very quick post today regarding my thoughts.  Quite simply we are not in the business of predicting what the markets will do… or at least we shouldn’t be.  Trying to guess an outcome of the election and in turn trying to predict how the market will react to that outcome is gambling plan and simple.

Personally I like to trade from the higher time frame charts and I am just going to keep an eye on how price reacts to the election and carry on with my trading plan as usual.

Plan your trade, trade your plan.  If your system provides you with a signal based on your trading plan as a result of the volatility created by the election, great.

Well as promised a very short one today.  Good luck this week and if you enjoyed the post please like, share, and comment 🙂

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