Three Reasons Why Publica (PBL) Could Have Massive Growth in 2018 And Beyond

Three (3) Reasons Why Publica (PBL) Could Have Massive Growth in 2018 And Beyond

Let me start this post off with the usual and necessary disclaimer. The views expressed in this post / article are simply my opinion and are for informational purposes only.  This article / post is in no way meant to represent or be taken as investment advice.  You must always do your own due diligence in the form of your own research and obtaining your own financial / legal advice before making any investment decisions.

Normally I write about and discuss the Forex Currency markets but I have been taking a close look at the fascinating world of cryto-currencies as of late.  I wanted to take this opportunity to write a piece about, what I believe to be a very promising block-chain technology project called Publica (PBL).

With a litany of new ICOs and new crypto-currency coming out each and every week it is getting more and more difficult to find those “hidden gems” which appear to have great short term and long term potential. Having said that the block-chain technology revolution that is upon us is still in its infancy.  Those alive and breathing right now and aware to this unique situation in history can truly profit by putting in the necessary work and having a little patience.

What Is Publica (PBL)?

Publica aims to utilize the block-chain (smart contract) technology to decentralize the e-book publishing market.  Publica aims to significantly reduce the entry barrier for up and coming e-book authors in a number of unique ways while at the same time providing incentives for e-book purchasers to utilize the technology and support these authors.     The Publica Website can be found here:  Below I have outlined the top three (3) reasons why I believe Publica will be a major disruptor in 2018 and the years to come and will have massive growth in value.

1. Publica Solves A Real World Problem (Clear Use Case):

Personally when I am researching or looking at a particular crypto-currency, one of the first questions I ask myself is; “What real world problem does this actually solve and why should I care?”  I believe this first question alone will filter out many of the “new” concurrency technologies which claim to be the next “Bitcoin”, “Ethereum”, etc.

After reading the Publica White Paper it became clear to me that Publica will solve a real world problem and there will be a large demand for the solutions provided by Publica.  I would strongly suggest that you head over to the Publica website and read the White Paper for yourself but I will attempt to summarize what Publica aims to accomplish below:

a) Uniting authors and readers directly, cutting out the “middle man” retailers which will result in greater revenues for the actual authors and increased savings passed on to the readers.

b) Expanding the range of business models available to the authors, and allowing for the authors to potentially raise the funds necessary to produce the literary works.

c) Greater creative and business freedom to the authors who can in turn provide greater options to the readers.

d) Unique ownership rights of the purchaser of the e-book resting with the purchaser through the READ tokens.

e) Print on demand capabilities to allow paper back copies for those who prefer that format and eliminates the waste associated with traditional large print runs.

2.The Global E-Book Industry Is Massive:

In 2017 the e-book industry is reported to have sales in the range of $11.354 billion.  (  As more and more people are discovering the world of e-books and all of benefits that utilizing this form of content has to offer, the volume of this market place will only continue to grow.

Even if one conservatively assumes Publica only captures a small portion of this market volume, the room for Publica’s growth is still staggering.  At the time of this writing reports that Publica has a very modest market capitalization of approximately $15 million dollars. The current market cap of Publica is minuscule, both in terms of the 600 billion market cap held by all crypto-currencies at the moment, and in terms of the annual volume of e-book sales world wide.

Publica tokens, namely Pebbles (PBL) will be relatively scarce as there will be a max supply of 33,787,150 of the PBL tokens CoinMarketCap.Com .  At the time of writing the PBL token has a value of $1.06 To put this into perspective, assuming Publica cracks even the top 30 in terms of crypto-currency market cap, reaching approximately 1.3  billion in market cap, it could potentially have a token value of approximately $70.00 or approximately 65 times (65x) its current token value at the time of this article.

3. A Dedicated Team With A Clear Road Map:

In a sense a new blockchain technology is only as good as the team behind it.  The project may have many brilliant ideas, but without the strong leadership, and the dedication to follow through, a project will be at risk of petering out and failing to materialize.

The team is made up of CEO Josef Marc, COO Antons Sapriko, and CTO Yuri Pimenov.   Josef Marc leads the Publica team.  As outlined on the Publica website, Josef Marc has been involved with some very important media projects such as DirecTV and Verizon FIOS TV and the experience gained on those projects has prepared him for his work ahead with Publica.

As outlined on the Publica website, COO Antons Sapriko is responsible for operational management at Scandiweb.  Based on their website, Scandiweb is a long established (2003) company providing e-commerce solutions for companies such as Coca-Cola, Walmart, Jaguar, Sephora, and Thomson Reuters.  CTO Yuri Pimenov is described as a pioneer in Bitcoin trading technology and systems, and prior to joining Publica was the CTO of a leading Bitcoin exchange.

The Publica website also outlines its clear road map for 2018 which includes having the PBL token being operational by December.

Again this article is by no means investing advice but if you are interested in finding promising block-chain technology projects you will definitely want to take a close look at Publica.

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