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Hello all!  First off my apologies for the long hiatus since my last post.  I do have a valid excuse however as my wife and I were blessed with the birth of our daughter a few months ago and it has definitely been keeping us busy 🙂

I wanted to spend some time today writing about a great new trading course / trading group that I was fortunate enough to join last month, which I believe has really helped my trading thus far.  It is called “Inventory Trading” and was developed by Mr. Shonn Campbell.

Mr. Campbell takes a very fresh and unique prospective on his forex trading.  In a nutshell Mr. Campbell approaches his forex trading business as any retail inventory manager would deal with their physical inventory.  For example just like physical inventory in the retail business, in forex you are avoiding, at all costs, taking on inventory that you cannot unload later at a better price.  Also just as a retail inventory manager you are always looking to pick up more inventory when it is on sale.

I personally found this perspective on forex trading very intriguing and it has really helped me look at my forex trading in a different light.  Without giving too much more away I also love the inventory trading course because it focuses on trading with the trends, primarily using the 4 hour charts.  This type of trading definitely matches my personal preferences.

Mr. Campbell’s Inventory trading course includes hours of instructional video content with real chart examples and is very reasonably priced at a one time cost of $27.  I have included the link below to provide some more information on the Inventory trading course.

Click Here: Inventory Trading by Shonn Campbell

I would like to stress that this is not an affiliate link and I have no financial incentive for promoting this course.  I truly believe that the Inventory Trading Course will help many of you take your trading to the next level and as such I just wanted to share this with you.

Prior to offering the Forex Inventory Trading course online Shonn Campbell authored the ebook “Inventory Trading: How I run My Trading Account Like a Retail Inventory Manager”.  As a special gift to you and to give you a bit of a taste of what the Inventory Trading Course has to offer, Mr. Campbell was kind enough to allow me to provide to you his ebook free of charge which can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Ebook: Inventory Trading by Shonn Campbell

Again I would definitely encourage you to check out Shonn Campbell’s Forex Inventory Trading Course as there it offers tremendous value for the $27 he is charging.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you have I would kindly ask that you comment, like and share 🙂  Until next time I hope you have some profitable forex trades!

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