Forex Trend Trading: Where it’s at!

Hello all!  Firstly let me apologize for my lengthy absence.  I have simply just had too many irons in the fire over the last couple of months, and my “baby”, this blog has suffered as a result.  But I am back on track and plan to continue providing consistent great forex tips and content.

As you all know I am a big fan of both price action trading and trading with the trend.  “The Trend is Your Friend”, we have all heard this saying over and over, because it is true!  Traders often try to over complicate their trading.

I liken trading with the trend to swimming down a river with the current.  It is infinitely easier to swim with the current then trying to swim against the current, wouldn’t you agree?  Most often when traders try to trade against a predominant trend, and or are trying to pick tops and bottoms, they end of getting “run over” by the market, and have their stop losses hit.


Trading with the trend is one of the simplest ways you can greatly increase your chances of success on any particular trade.  When I speak about trend trading, I am not talking about a trend on the 1 minute or 5 minute chart either.  I am talking about a clear definable trend visible on the daily or 4 hour charts.

All this talk about trend trading is going to lead us nicely in to an exciting post I have planned for next time.  I am going to provide a review on a great forex tool that I have been using to help me simply spot an existing trend and also helps me in an objective manner pick my entry point.  I really have been loving this tool so far and want to share this with you next time.

Again I hope you have enjoyed this post and if so please comment, share and like!

Until next time, have a great day all! 🙂


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